Berlin LINKE Internationals in October

file-page1Here are just some of the places you’ll find the Berlin LAG Internationals this month.

On Saturday 8 October there’s an anti-war demo. Among other things we’ll be giving out leaflets for our public meeting on the US elections (more about that below). The demo sets off from Alexanderplatz (Otto-Braunstraße) at midday. Are enough people going for us to form a block?

On Monday 10 October we have an organising meeting to discuss the ideas we talked about in Hermsdorf and to plan our budget for next year. Its open to anyone who’s interested in that sort of thing. Its in Linkstreff (Malpaquetstraße 12, near U-Bahn Leopoldplatz) at 7pm.

On Thursday 13 October there’s our public meeting: US elections – How should Progressives vote? There’ll be 3 US-American speakers, each arguing a different position, including our very own Kathleen. The meeting is in the Luxemburg Saal in Karl Liebknecht Haus at 7pm. More information here:

On Friday 21 October, we are organising a book presentation. The book is ETA: blood, votes demonstrations by Gaizka Fernandez Soldevilla and Raul Lopez. It will be introduced by Ana, a Podemos member from the Basque country, and Rafa, an Izquierda Unida member from Madrid, with plenty of time for discussion afterwards. The meeting – in the Coop Café, Rochstraße 3 – will start at 7.30pm and will be in German with translation into English if required.

On Sunday, 23 October, there’ll be the second outing of SoulKino, with film, music and discussion. After last month’s Chile evening, this time the subject will be Colombia. It all starts at 7pm in the B-Lage near S-Bahn Sonnenallee (Mareschstraße 1). There should be more information later this week.

On Tuesday, 25 October, we will be having our normal meeting in Karl Liebknecht Haus. Klaudia Peach and Pawel Wita from RAZEM Berlin will be talking about the new Polish left. After yesterday’s strike in Poland and huge rally in Berlin against proposed attacks on abortion rights, I’m sure that this will come up. The meeting starts at 7pm.


There’s more information about most of these events on our Website ( and facebook page ( If this message has found its way to you and you’re not on our mailing list, just send a mail to


More information about later events will come nearer the event, but a heads up now to make sure that you’re in Berlin on the week-end of 9-11 December. If everything goes to plan. Victor Grossman will be introducing his autobiography “Crossing the River” on the Friday. On the Saturday, we’ll be having our Christmas party (with the film “Black Power Mix Tape”, music from Kaveh and SoulKino DJs, and we’re working on some theatre) and on the Sunday night there should be SoulKino IV. Watch this space for more info.


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