Learning from our meeting in Hermsdorf

14192185_1044702818932704_5094198770558148510_nAt the end of August, the LINKE Berlin Internationals had a very productive week-end meeting in Hermsdorf. (minutes here)

The discussions have already resulted in some changes in the way we work, other suggestions still need to be implemented – we just need to find the right way.
We therefore want to meet on Monday 10th October to discuss how we make the changes that we thought were necessary. We’ll look at the project groups we set up – how are they working? are they working? Do we need more or different groups?
We’ll also look at how we prepare and run our meetings and the new type of cultural and political meetings we’ve started to organise. Finally, as we soon need to submit a budget plan for 2017, we’ll talk about the consequences of our decisions and how we can finance what we want to do.
The meeting is open to anyone who is interested, but it would be nice to have a rough idea of who’s coming so we can organise a suitable meeting place (which will follow soon).

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