European Left Conference in Berlin 16-18 December

kea_0The European Left will be holding its conference in Berlin from 16-18 December. The organisers are looking for helpers, particularly from people who speak other languages.

They are specifically looking for the following:

  • People to help out on registration. Friday 16 December, 2pm – 4pm
  • People to greet delegates at the airport. Friday 16 December, afternoon
  • People to help at the conference itself – Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday morning

If you are able to help any of this, please send a mail to, at best saying when you are free and which languages you can speak.

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals will also have a stall at the conference and we’d welcome anyone who wants to help out there. On the Friday afternoon, there will be a women’s plenum, which should be open to everyone. More information is expected in October.


DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals

Join our mailing list – send a mail to

Next meeting: Tuesday 27 September, 7pm Karl Liebknecht Haus: Why is Islamophobia on the rise in Europe?


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