New on this site

The minutes from our meeting in Hermsdorf are finally online – you can read them here.

But that’s not all that’s new on our Website. Here are some of the other things you can read:

  • Victor Grossman’s latest Berlin Bulletin is online. This week, Victor remembers the history of Bayer and smells something funny about its new deal with Monsato.
  • We have an introduction to our next meetings: on Islamophobia in September, the new Polish Left in October  and the coup in Brazil in November.

    Please note that in the October meeting we will also be voting for our delegate to the LINKE Berlin conferences.

  • There’s also information about a LINKE conference on Europe on 23 September
  • And save the date for our Christmas Party – 10 December in the Coop Café:



Enjoy the read, and hope to see you at our meeting on the 27th (or at tonight’s election party at the Hangover on Richardplatz)


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