Voting on Sunday

berlin_waehlt_ich_auch-01Hi everyone

At our public meeting someone pointed out that there is a Website containing information about the election in very simple German. You can find it here (thanks to Steffen for the link):

The information on our Website about postal voting may also be helpful: Postal Vote in the Berlin elections, September 18 2016

If you are qualified to vote, you should have received papers telling you where your local polling station is. Go to the polling station on Sunday between 8am and 6pm. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PASSPORT OR ANOTHER VALID FORM OF ID. If you are busy all day Sunday, you can go to your local town hall (Rathaus) tomorrow and vote there.

On Sunday evening, we will be going to the Neukölln LINKE election party at the Hangover pub on Richardplatz. Everyone is invited to come along and join us.

 If you have any questions about voting, contact us on and we’ll help you as well as we can.


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