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Thanks for a great meeting last night and welcome to the new people on the list. Pazhareh’s talk is now online here. Seeing as there were a lot of announcements at the end, here’s a summary of the events that we’re involved in organising in the next couple of months.

    There will also be a meeting of our culture group on Thursday at 6pm (Note new time) in the Co-op café, where we will be planning future cultural events including our Christmas party. Anyone is invited to join in

    And on Saturday there’s a rally for the Syrian revolutionary opposition on Hermannplatz at 4pm

    Thursday 13 October, 7pm: Debate “US elections: how should Progressives vote?” Karl Liebknecht Haus, Luxemburg Saal, Rosa Luxemburg Platz. If you can help give out leaflets and put up posters in your area please contact us and we can let you know of suitable places to hang posters.

       Friday 21 October, 7.30pm: Book presentation on ETA and “terrorism” in the Basque Country. Co-op Café, Rochstraße 3

 Sunday 23 October, 7pm: SoulKino II – music film and discussion about Colombia, B-Lage, Mareschstraße 1

 Tuesday 25 October, 7pm: RAZEM – the new Polish Left, with activists from RAZEM Berlin, Karl Liebknecht Haus, Rosa Luxemburg Platz

   Tuesday 22 November, 7pm: Brazil after the coup with Brazilian economist Wellington Bernades Delazari, Karl Liebknecht Haus

   Saturday 10 December, Christmas party, Coop café

    Some of the events are still in the planning stage, so we’ll be updating the website and creating a couple of extra facebook events soon. Please get in touch if you want to know more or know of other events we should be publicizing.

    Hope to see you soon


Public Meeting – US Elections – How should Progressives Vote?


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On Thursday, 11 October, we are organising a public meeting on the coming US elections (more information here). We are currently printing leaflets and flyers, which will be available at our meeting on Tuesday about Islamophobia.

Alternatively, you can print out your own leaflets and posters from these PDFs:

European Left Conference in Berlin 16-18 December

kea_0The European Left will be holding its conference in Berlin from 16-18 December. The organisers are looking for helpers, particularly from people who speak other languages.

They are specifically looking for the following:

  • People to help out on registration. Friday 16 December, 2pm – 4pm
  • People to greet delegates at the airport. Friday 16 December, afternoon
  • People to help at the conference itself – Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday morning

If you are able to help any of this, please send a mail to, at best saying when you are free and which languages you can speak.

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals will also have a stall at the conference and we’d welcome anyone who wants to help out there. On the Friday afternoon, there will be a women’s plenum, which should be open to everyone. More information is expected in October.


DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals

Join our mailing list – send a mail to

Next meeting: Tuesday 27 September, 7pm Karl Liebknecht Haus: Why is Islamophobia on the rise in Europe?

New on this site

The minutes from our meeting in Hermsdorf are finally online – you can read them here.

But that’s not all that’s new on our Website. Here are some of the other things you can read:

  • Victor Grossman’s latest Berlin Bulletin is online. This week, Victor remembers the history of Bayer and smells something funny about its new deal with Monsato.
  • We have an introduction to our next meetings: on Islamophobia in September, the new Polish Left in October  and the coup in Brazil in November.

    Please note that in the October meeting we will also be voting for our delegate to the LINKE Berlin conferences.

  • There’s also information about a LINKE conference on Europe on 23 September
  • And save the date for our Christmas Party – 10 December in the Coop Café:



Enjoy the read, and hope to see you at our meeting on the 27th (or at tonight’s election party at the Hangover on Richardplatz)

Voting on Sunday

berlin_waehlt_ich_auch-01Hi everyone

At our public meeting someone pointed out that there is a Website containing information about the election in very simple German. You can find it here (thanks to Steffen for the link):

The information on our Website about postal voting may also be helpful: Postal Vote in the Berlin elections, September 18 2016

If you are qualified to vote, you should have received papers telling you where your local polling station is. Go to the polling station on Sunday between 8am and 6pm. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PASSPORT OR ANOTHER VALID FORM OF ID. If you are busy all day Sunday, you can go to your local town hall (Rathaus) tomorrow and vote there.

On Sunday evening, we will be going to the Neukölln LINKE election party at the Hangover pub on Richardplatz. Everyone is invited to come along and join us.

 If you have any questions about voting, contact us on and we’ll help you as well as we can.

Coming up

There’s a lot of events on this list (there’s a lot of things going on) going up till the end of the year, so we’ve tried to bundle them so you can go to the ones you need to see at the moment. Here goes.


   This (long) week-end

We have a stall at 2 peace festivals this week-end – on Saturday (1pm – 5pm) at Nettelbeckplatz in Wedding and on Sunday (2pm – 6pm) at Petersburger Platz in Friedrichshain

On Sunday from 3pm we’ll be joining Chilean and Brazilian activists at Brandenburger Tor protesting the 43rd anniversary of the Chilean coup and the more recent on in Brazil a couple of weeks ago.

And on Monday there is the second of our information meetings about non-Germans and the Berlin elections at 7pm in the jugend Widerstand Museum, Rigaerstraße 9-10


    Next week-end

On Friday 16th, there is the final rally for the LINKE election campaign at 3pm at Alexanderplatz. This will be followed by the LINKE Kinonacht in the Haus Schwarzenberg, Rosenthalerstraße 39

On Saturday 17th there’s the demo against TTIP from Alexanderplatz. Last time, the demo was so big that we never found each other, so we’re meeting at 11.30 in front of the Marx and Engels statue (please come punctually).

On Saturday 17th there’s also the demo for abortion rights and against the right-wing “Lebensschützer”. We’ll have people with our banner at Brandenburger Tor from 1.30pm with more people coming later after the TTIP demo.

And if that’s not enough for one day, on Saturday afternoon, Yannis Varoufakis, Katja Kipping and others will be speaking at the Astra (Revalerstraße 99 near Warschauer Straße station). As there’s not enough room for an extra stall outside, we’ll be giving out leaflets outside. If you can be there by doors open at 4pm to help out, please contact me. The meeting starts at 5pm.

Finally for the long week-end, die LINKE Neukölln have invited us to their election party, It start at 5pm in the Hangover on Richardplatz. Sunday 18th. – don’t forget to vote before you go


     Coming group meetings

While all those elections were going on, we’ve booked all the speakers for our meetings up till the end of the year (4th Tuesday in the month, Karl Liebknecht Haus at 7pm). We’ll be producing a leaflet to give out at the Varoufakis meeting at the latest.

  • On 27 September, Pazhareh Heidari will be speaking on From the AfD to the Burkhini ban – why is Islamophobia on the rise in Europe?
  • On 25 October, Klaudia Paech and Paweł Wita from Razem Berlin will be speaking on Razem – the new Polish left?
  • And on 22 November, Wellington Bernardes Delazari will be speaking on Brazil after the coup.

For some reason, we think that not many people would turn up to a meeting on 27 December, so the meeting after that will be 24th January.


    Last but not least – Christmas party

Our new culture committee has sprung into action and suggested a date for our Christmas party – Saturday, 10th December. We have provisionally booked the cellar of the Coop Café and the German/Iranian rapper Kaveh has agreed to perform. More details (including a fuller culture programme) to follow, but if you know of any reason that this date won’t work, please tell us as soon as you can. Otherwise, watch this space.