Coming up this week-end (27-28 August)

data=RfCSdfNZ0LFPrHSm0ublXdzhdrDFhtmHhN1u-gM,sN-3k3km6O9bmbViANL6LUmB98s32Jx-VCq_BtDD4P-SPh3IpsBrh5Tyb81pCasQPvrYJMiCtUZDixdzLkW9OUqvk3CPRQKGjnWRs29Bckv29uxxJM0IFnMMHlmfbvIThe Berlin LINKE Internationals week-end retreat starts this Saturday in the Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf. So far, 20 people have said they’ll be there. It’s always possible to turn up on the day, but if you’re pretty sure that you’re coming, send a mail to to help us with our planning.



The Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf is at Seebadstraße 26 in Reinickendorf. The best way of getting there is to get the U-Bahn to Wittenau then the 220 bus to Almutstraße. It’s then a 10 minute walk along Almutstraße and Seebadstraße. The Haus itself is in the middle of the woods, 5 minutes walk from Lake Hermsdorf and walking distance from Lubars open air swimming baths.



If you’re worried about getting lost, we’re meeting on Saturday 27th at 2pm on the Northbound U8 platform at Alexanderplatz. We’ll be getting the 14.17 train and will be in the Naturfreundehaus at around 3pm. There may be a group going earlier to Lake Hermsdorf, and possibly some people travelling together on Sunday morning. Contact us if you’re interested, and we’ll put you in touch with other people travelling at the same time as you.



Saturday is a “getting to know each other” day, so there’s no fixed programme. In the evening, we’re showing the films “Still The Enemy Within” and “Pride

On Sunday, breakfast is at 10am and the first meeting is at 11am. The agenda will be roughly as follows:


The meeting is scheduled to finish at 5pm, but we need to clean up afterwards, so please allow for a little extra time at the end.



The Naturfreundehaus has bunk beds for 32 people. Please bring bedding (a blanket or duvet and a pillow) and a towel. If you want to camp outside, there is also space to pitch a tent. It’s also not far by public transport from the centre of Berlin, so you can also sleep in your own bed if you must.



We’re organising everything ourselves, so have to provide most of the equipment we use. If you have access to any of the following, could you please contact us at .

  • A beamer (plus necessary leads)
  • 2 laptops (one for presentations, one for taking minutes)
  • Portable sound system and/or musical instruments

If anyone is coming by car, please let us know as this could help with the shopping. We’re also asking for everyone to help out a little with shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. That way, everything else is free.



And if you’d like to invite anyone else along, the more the merrier.





Join our mailing list: send a mail to


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