meeting in Hermsdorf – more information about the schedule and a discussion paper

B_002Some people have asked for more details about our meeting in Hermsdorf the week-end after next. Here’s a bit information. If you are planning on going, please read through the programme bit and send a reply (form below) saying whether you’re able to report from your country or any campaign you’re involved in.

On Saturday 27 August, there are no meetings as such, but we want to use the time to get to know each other better. This means that even if you’re running marathons on Sunday, its worthwhile just to come on Saturday (this is also a good time to bring family – but tell us if you have any special requirements).

We want to meet at 2pm on the U8 platform in Alexanderplatz. We’ll get the 14.17 U-Bahn to Wittenau and then the bus to the Naturfreundehaus in Hermsdorf. After enjoying the countryside, cooking and eating, there’s a film programme in the evening:

  • Pride (trailer here)
  • Still the Enemy Within (trailer here)

On Saturday night, you can either stay over (please bring bedding and a towel) or you can get home with public transport. On Sunday, we’re having breakfast at 10 and are starting at 11 o’clock prompt with the first of 3 sessions.

SESSION 1 – 11 am till 12 noon – How it was

2 short presentations about the history of the group and our relationship to die LINKE, the European Left and other organisations.

SESSION 2a  – 12.15 till 13.15 – How it is (internationally)

This is down to you. We’re asking everyone who wants to, to give a short presentation on the current political situation in your country. The presentation should last 2 to 5 minutes, and we have a laptop and beamer if you want to show slides or videos.

You can also be quite flexible in defining “your” country (eg, Ben may present something on Kurdistan where he’s spent several months, and Judith may report from the World Social Forum in Canada).

To help planning, it would be great if you could contact us and say whether you can give a presentation, and which country you’d like to talk about 

SESSION 2b – 13.15 till 14.15 – How it is (in Germany)

As above, but this time we’re asking people to report from campaigns that they’re involved in (or they think we should be involved in). Examples are the campaign against TTIP, reproductive rights, refugee help, Blockupy, DiEM25 etc. We’ll also be reporting on our work around the coming Berlin election

Again, it would be great if you can contact us and either tell us which campaign you can talk about or suggest a campaign that you think we should be covering in this session

After all that we get to go outside, run about a bit and have something to eat before….

SESSION 3 15.00 till 16.45 – How it will be

We don’t want to say too much about this, as it will be partly the result of the discussions we have in the afternoon. What we do want to do is identify our key campaigns and themes for 2016-17, and maybe set up small working groups to prepare our activities. We can set up groups on anything from the US elections, our film programme and looking after our Website, plus anything in between.

As a general idea of the sort of things we can talk about, we met last week to talk about how the group can function better. There’s a summary of our brainstorm here.

At 16.45 we want to spend 15 minutes summing up and hopefully deciding who is going to take which next step.

This is all a provisional programme. If you think anything is missing, or want to change anything, please get in touch.


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