Special offer (only valid till Friday 5 August) Discounted subscriptions to Jacobin Magazine

DownloadOur member, Julia, has organised a special $20 discount for new subscriptions to Jacobin magazine. To get the discount, follow this link. The offer also allows a $5 discount for subscribers in the US.

Jacobin is an american socialist magazine, which also regularly covers international issues. It has recently contained articles about DIE LINKE and the German Left.

The offer is a part of a special summer competition between all the Jacobin reading groups from around the world, including the reading group at Bard College Berlin in Pankow, which Julia organises.  The group that can get the most new subscriptions through their link before Aug 5 wins a prize. If Bard College winds, they are planning on organising an extra special Berlin-wide event!

You don’t have to be in Berlin to use the discounted link, anyone can use it and share it with anyone around the world (and please do! You can forward this message to anyone interested or copy the link to facebook!).


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