Public Meetings around the Berlin elections

Berlin Wahlveranstaltungen-page-001ENGLISH TEXTS FOLLOWS

Die LINKE Berlin Internationals lädt zu 2 Veranstaltungen ein, angesichts der kommenden Berliner Wahl:

   „Nicht-Deutsche und die Berliner Wahl: Warum wählen gehen? Was wählen“

Die Veranstaltungen – jeweils um 19 Uhr – finden in Neukölln und in Friedrichshain statt. Beide sind auf sowohl Deutsch als auch Englisch.

Die Neuköllner Veranstaltung ist am 5- September in der LINKE Geschäftsstelle, Wipperstraße 6 (U-/S-Bahn Neukölln). Es spricht Ruben Lehnert (DIE LINKE Kandidat in Neukölln), Ferat Kocak (HDP Mitglied, sowie DIE LINKE Kandidat in Neukölln) und Ana Barrena von Unidos Podemos in Spanien.

Die Freidrichshainer Veranstaltung ist am 12- September in dem jugend Widerstand Museum, Rigaerstraße 9-10 (U-Bahn Frankfurter Tor). Es spricht Damiano Valgolio (DIE LINKE Kandidat in Friedrichshain),  Jiyan Durgun (HDP Mitglied, sowie DIE LINKE Kandidatin in Kreuzberg) und Julia Damphouse von der LINKE Berlin Internationals.

Alle sind herzlich eingeladen. Mehr Information gibt es bei oder


DIE LINKE Berlin International’s invites you to 2 meetings, around the coming Berlin election:

      “Non-Germans and the Berlin election: Why should I vote? Who should I vote for?”

The meetings -both at 7pm – will be in Neukölln and Friedrichshain. They will be in both English and German.

The Neukölln meeting is on 5 September in DIE LINKE offices, Wipperstraße 6 (U / S-Bahn Neukölln). Speakers are Ruben Lehnert (DIE LINKE candidate in Neukölln), Feren Kocak (HDP member and DIE LINKE candidate in Neukölln) and Ana Barrena of Unidos Podemos in Spain.

The Freidrichshain meeting is on 12 September in the jugend Widerstand Museum, Rigaerstrasse 9-10 (U-Bahn Frankfurter Tor). Speakers are Damiano Valgolio (DIE LINKE candidate in Friedrichshain) Jiyan Durgun (HDP member, and DIE LINKE candidate in Kreuzberg) and Julia Damphouse from DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals.

Everyone is welcome. More information is available at or


Events in September (there’s quite a few)

Coming up this week-end (27-28 August)

data=RfCSdfNZ0LFPrHSm0ublXdzhdrDFhtmHhN1u-gM,sN-3k3km6O9bmbViANL6LUmB98s32Jx-VCq_BtDD4P-SPh3IpsBrh5Tyb81pCasQPvrYJMiCtUZDixdzLkW9OUqvk3CPRQKGjnWRs29Bckv29uxxJM0IFnMMHlmfbvIThe Berlin LINKE Internationals week-end retreat starts this Saturday in the Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf. So far, 20 people have said they’ll be there. It’s always possible to turn up on the day, but if you’re pretty sure that you’re coming, send a mail to to help us with our planning.



The Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf is at Seebadstraße 26 in Reinickendorf. The best way of getting there is to get the U-Bahn to Wittenau then the 220 bus to Almutstraße. It’s then a 10 minute walk along Almutstraße and Seebadstraße. The Haus itself is in the middle of the woods, 5 minutes walk from Lake Hermsdorf and walking distance from Lubars open air swimming baths.



If you’re worried about getting lost, we’re meeting on Saturday 27th at 2pm on the Northbound U8 platform at Alexanderplatz. We’ll be getting the 14.17 train and will be in the Naturfreundehaus at around 3pm. There may be a group going earlier to Lake Hermsdorf, and possibly some people travelling together on Sunday morning. Contact us if you’re interested, and we’ll put you in touch with other people travelling at the same time as you.



Saturday is a “getting to know each other” day, so there’s no fixed programme. In the evening, we’re showing the films “Still The Enemy Within” and “Pride

On Sunday, breakfast is at 10am and the first meeting is at 11am. The agenda will be roughly as follows:


The meeting is scheduled to finish at 5pm, but we need to clean up afterwards, so please allow for a little extra time at the end.



The Naturfreundehaus has bunk beds for 32 people. Please bring bedding (a blanket or duvet and a pillow) and a towel. If you want to camp outside, there is also space to pitch a tent. It’s also not far by public transport from the centre of Berlin, so you can also sleep in your own bed if you must.



We’re organising everything ourselves, so have to provide most of the equipment we use. If you have access to any of the following, could you please contact us at .

  • A beamer (plus necessary leads)
  • 2 laptops (one for presentations, one for taking minutes)
  • Portable sound system and/or musical instruments

If anyone is coming by car, please let us know as this could help with the shopping. We’re also asking for everyone to help out a little with shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. That way, everything else is free.



And if you’d like to invite anyone else along, the more the merrier.





Join our mailing list: send a mail to

Printed election leaflets now available

Our leaflet explaining the Berlin election to non-Germans in English and German is now available in printed format. You can order copies from us, or you can pick them up at one of the following places:
  • Karl Liebknecht Haus election HQ (otherwise known as the KIZ)
  • Chilean barbecue on Saturday afternoon (Volkspark Friedrichshain from 3pm)
  • our week-end at the Hermsdorf Naturfreunde on 27/28 August
We’ll be giving out leaflets at most major events and demos between now and the election on 18 September. Come to Hermsdorf to discuss how and where we do this best

Postal vote in the Berlin elections, September 18

proxy-415x260After a number of people have asked, we’ve translated the information about applying for a postal vote for the Berlin elections. All necessary information and online links are now here.

For more information about the elections in several languages, follow the appropriate link here. This information will be available as a leaflet in German and English from the beginning of next week. If you want copies of this leaflet to distribute, please contact us at

And don’t forget our public meeting with information about the election for non-Germans on Monday, September 5 at 7pm in die LINKE Neukölln offices (Wipperstraße 6, near U- and S-Bahn Neukölln). The meeting will be in English and German with translation into other languages if required. Speakers are Ruben Lehnert (main candidate for die LINKE in Neukölln), Ferat Kocak (candidate in Neukölln and a member of the Turkish/Kurdish HDP) and Ana Barrena (member of the Spanish Unidas Podemos).


meeting in Hermsdorf – more information about the schedule and a discussion paper

B_002Some people have asked for more details about our meeting in Hermsdorf the week-end after next. Here’s a bit information. If you are planning on going, please read through the programme bit and send a reply (form below) saying whether you’re able to report from your country or any campaign you’re involved in.

On Saturday 27 August, there are no meetings as such, but we want to use the time to get to know each other better. This means that even if you’re running marathons on Sunday, its worthwhile just to come on Saturday (this is also a good time to bring family – but tell us if you have any special requirements).

We want to meet at 2pm on the U8 platform in Alexanderplatz. We’ll get the 14.17 U-Bahn to Wittenau and then the bus to the Naturfreundehaus in Hermsdorf. After enjoying the countryside, cooking and eating, there’s a film programme in the evening:

  • Pride (trailer here)
  • Still the Enemy Within (trailer here)

On Saturday night, you can either stay over (please bring bedding and a towel) or you can get home with public transport. On Sunday, we’re having breakfast at 10 and are starting at 11 o’clock prompt with the first of 3 sessions.

SESSION 1 – 11 am till 12 noon – How it was

2 short presentations about the history of the group and our relationship to die LINKE, the European Left and other organisations.

SESSION 2a  – 12.15 till 13.15 – How it is (internationally)

This is down to you. We’re asking everyone who wants to, to give a short presentation on the current political situation in your country. The presentation should last 2 to 5 minutes, and we have a laptop and beamer if you want to show slides or videos.

You can also be quite flexible in defining “your” country (eg, Ben may present something on Kurdistan where he’s spent several months, and Judith may report from the World Social Forum in Canada).

To help planning, it would be great if you could contact us and say whether you can give a presentation, and which country you’d like to talk about 

SESSION 2b – 13.15 till 14.15 – How it is (in Germany)

As above, but this time we’re asking people to report from campaigns that they’re involved in (or they think we should be involved in). Examples are the campaign against TTIP, reproductive rights, refugee help, Blockupy, DiEM25 etc. We’ll also be reporting on our work around the coming Berlin election

Again, it would be great if you can contact us and either tell us which campaign you can talk about or suggest a campaign that you think we should be covering in this session

After all that we get to go outside, run about a bit and have something to eat before….

SESSION 3 15.00 till 16.45 – How it will be

We don’t want to say too much about this, as it will be partly the result of the discussions we have in the afternoon. What we do want to do is identify our key campaigns and themes for 2016-17, and maybe set up small working groups to prepare our activities. We can set up groups on anything from the US elections, our film programme and looking after our Website, plus anything in between.

As a general idea of the sort of things we can talk about, we met last week to talk about how the group can function better. There’s a summary of our brainstorm here.

At 16.45 we want to spend 15 minutes summing up and hopefully deciding who is going to take which next step.

This is all a provisional programme. If you think anything is missing, or want to change anything, please get in touch.