Meeting on the US elections on Tuesday

trumpzFed up of reading about Donald Trump? Just wait till the Democratic Convention starts on Monday and see how meagre the opposition is. The only opportunity of stopping Trump appears to be Wall Street’s preferred candidate Hillary Clinton.

It could have been so different. Bernie Sanders’s inspiring stadium-filling campaign showed the radical heart of the US – one that we can still see on the streets in campaigns like Black Lives Matter. Yet this year’s Presidential election offers US voters possibly their most right wing choice ever.

ows_144002532180502How do we get here? And more importantly, where do we go now? Should US-Americans vote for Clinton to stop Trump? Or will this just endorse Clinton’s pro-big business, pro-war agenda? What about alternative candidates like Jill Stein? And how do the people radicalised by Sanders overcome the limitations of the Clinton campaign to fight for real change?

Come and join the discussion with veteran US American socialist Victor Grossman – Tuesday, 26 July at 7pm in Room 205, Karl Liebknecht Haus on Rosa Luxemburg Platz:

Please note that the planned discussion on the Turkish Left that should have taken place directly after this meeting has been postponed, as the State of Emergency has forced the planned speaker to return to Ankara. The meeting will now take place next week with Erkin Erdogan, speaker of the HDP Berlin. Watch this space for more information.


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