Double Bill next Tuesday – US elections and the Turkish Left after the coup


Hi folks

Next Tuesday (26 July) we’ve got a double bill for you.

At 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus (Room 205), Victor Grossman will be talking about the US elections after the Democratic convention. Now that Bernie Sanders has decided to endorse Hillary Clinton, how should the left react? Is it worth looking at third party candidatures like Jill Stein’s or is the threat of Donald Trump too much? Most importantly, what will happen now to the movement that built up around Bernie Sanders and how does the election relate to other movements like Black Lives Matter?

Directly following this (from around 9pm), in the Coop Café cellar (Rochstraße 3), we will be talking to a socialist from Ankara about the recent coup attempt. Kow was the coup stopped? By people power or by right-wing supporters of the government? How should we respond to the Erdogan government, which some leftists has described as Islamist and Fascist? What happens next in Turkey? A right wing crackdown or are there also chances for the left?

Both meetings will be in English, with translation into German if necessary. Everyone is welcome to take part in the debate.


PS don’t forget our meeting in Hermsdorf on 28 August. This will be a chance to get to know each other better while making longer-term plans for the group. You don’t have to have been to a lot of meetings to come along – in fact its a good opportunity to learn better what we’re about. If you want to come, or need more information, please send a mail to


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