Week-end trip to Hermsdorf: first proposed agenda now out

A Political Billboard designed to inspire greets a man as he makes his way home in the Cuban countryside.

On 27-28 August, our group will be meeting in the Naturfreunde house in Hermsdorf. On the Saturday, we will be enjoying the nature (family and kids welcome), on the Sunday planning our future activities.

The first proposal for an agenda is now online here.

If you are interested in taking part, or have any proposed changes to the agenda, please send a mail to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de. Please contact us especially if you want to stay in the house on Saturday night. We are offering free accommodation but need to know how many people are coming.


News from die LINKE Berlin Internationals

Hallo everyone

Thanks for a great meeting this evening and welcome to the new people on our mailing list. Here’s a summary of coming events for the Berlin LINKE Internationals.


Meeting on the left in Turkey – now Tuesday 2 August in Coop Cafe 2

Tonight’s planned Q&A with a socialist from Ankara couldn’t happen as she had to return to Turkey because of the State of Emergency. As an alternative we are organising a meeting with Erkin Erdogan, co-speaker of the HDP/HDK Berlin-Brandenburg.

Erkin will be speaking and answering questions on the Turkish Left after the coup attempt. Tuesday 2 August at 7pm in the Coop Café (Rochstraße 3, S-Bahn Alexanderplatz/Hackescher Markt, U-Bahn Alexanderplatz/Weinmeisterstraße)


Die LINKE Berlin Internationals and the local elections

The Berlin elections will take place. Non-Europeans have limited voting rights (as explained on our leaflet about the elections which will be online in the next day or 2 and printed in the next couple of weeks.

Here is how you can help the election campaign:

  • Support your local LINKE branch (find them here: http://www.die-linke-berlin.de/die_linke/partei/bezirksverbaende/).
  • On Sunday 31. July, most LINKE branches will be putting up posters. Either contact your local branch to join in, or mail us at internationals@die-linke-berlin.de to find an action where other group members are present.
  • In September, we are organising election meetings for non-Germans in Neukölln, Friedrichshain and possibly Kreuzberg. Please contact us if you want to help
  • Please contact us also if you can translate our election leaflet for non-Germans into other languages.


Meeting 28 August: let’s get together and change the world

On Sunday, August 28th we will be meeting in Hermsdorf to discuss future work of our group. Some of us will be going over on the Saturday afternoon and staying over the night before. We will be sending out a proposed agenda for the week-end later this week. If you want to help with the organisation, please contact us at lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de


DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals

Webpage: https://theleftberlin.wordpress.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/theleftberlin/

Join our mailing list: send a mail to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de


Meeting on the US elections on Tuesday

trumpzFed up of reading about Donald Trump? Just wait till the Democratic Convention starts on Monday and see how meagre the opposition is. The only opportunity of stopping Trump appears to be Wall Street’s preferred candidate Hillary Clinton.

It could have been so different. Bernie Sanders’s inspiring stadium-filling campaign showed the radical heart of the US – one that we can still see on the streets in campaigns like Black Lives Matter. Yet this year’s Presidential election offers US voters possibly their most right wing choice ever.

ows_144002532180502How do we get here? And more importantly, where do we go now? Should US-Americans vote for Clinton to stop Trump? Or will this just endorse Clinton’s pro-big business, pro-war agenda? What about alternative candidates like Jill Stein? And how do the people radicalised by Sanders overcome the limitations of the Clinton campaign to fight for real change?

Come and join the discussion with veteran US American socialist Victor Grossman – Tuesday, 26 July at 7pm in Room 205, Karl Liebknecht Haus on Rosa Luxemburg Platz: www.facebook.com/events/982192355202543/

Please note that the planned discussion on the Turkish Left that should have taken place directly after this meeting has been postponed, as the State of Emergency has forced the planned speaker to return to Ankara. The meeting will now take place next week with Erkin Erdogan, speaker of the HDP Berlin. Watch this space for more information.


DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals



Join our mailing list – send a message to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de

Double Bill next Tuesday – US elections and the Turkish Left after the coup


Hi folks

Next Tuesday (26 July) we’ve got a double bill for you.

At 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus (Room 205), Victor Grossman will be talking about the US elections after the Democratic convention. Now that Bernie Sanders has decided to endorse Hillary Clinton, how should the left react? Is it worth looking at third party candidatures like Jill Stein’s or is the threat of Donald Trump too much? Most importantly, what will happen now to the movement that built up around Bernie Sanders and how does the election relate to other movements like Black Lives Matter?

Directly following this (from around 9pm), in the Coop Café cellar (Rochstraße 3), we will be talking to a socialist from Ankara about the recent coup attempt. Kow was the coup stopped? By people power or by right-wing supporters of the government? How should we respond to the Erdogan government, which some leftists has described as Islamist and Fascist? What happens next in Turkey? A right wing crackdown or are there also chances for the left?

Both meetings will be in English, with translation into German if necessary. Everyone is welcome to take part in the debate.


PS don’t forget our meeting in Hermsdorf on 28 August. This will be a chance to get to know each other better while making longer-term plans for the group. You don’t have to have been to a lot of meetings to come along – in fact its a good opportunity to learn better what we’re about. If you want to come, or need more information, please send a mail to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de.

Latest news from the LINKE Berlin Internationals

Hi everyone

1926863_10155306942065641_7920495992712331396_n   Here is the latest news from the LINKE Berlin LAG Internationals

  1. Klausurtag 28 August (PLEASE RESPOND ASAP)

This is something that we’ve been planning for a while, but we now need to know who will really be coming. On Sunday, 28 August we will be having a day out to enjoy some time together and to plan our future activities. The meeting will be in Hermsdorf, which is in the middle of the woods just a 30 minute U-Bahn ride from Alexanderplatz (http://www.naturfreunde-berlin.de/index.php?id=11-2-8-0-0).

We have the opportunity of sleeping there the night before (cost €11.55, €10.50 for people 16 years and under). And if 10 or more of us stay there, we get the room for virtually nothing. The meeting is likely to last from around 11am till 6pm – we’ll send out a proposed timetable in 2 weeks.


  • Will you be there on Sunday?
  • Will you be staying on Saturday night?
  • Will anyone be coming with you?
    (the meeting will be very informal and there will be plenty of time and space for doing things outside. Please feel free to bring family and friends)
  1. Berlin elections in September

The Berlin local elections will be on 18th September and we are considering producing a leaflet and organising a meeting telling non-Germans about their voting rights. There will be the chance to talk about this at the Klausurtag, but the first work has already started. If you want to get involved, please contact us at lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de.


  1. Coming meetings

Now that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton, there is plenty to talk about regarding the coming US elections. Victor Grossman will tell us about the current situation on July 26th at 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus, Room 205.

Because of Summer holidays and the Klausurtag, we will not be having a “normal” meeting in August. The planned discussion (Judith will be reporting back from the World Social Forum in Canada) will take place at the Klausurtag.

On 27th September, we will be booking a speaker on Islamophobia. We will be discussing subjects for future meetings at the Klausurtag.


That’s it for now. Now don’t forget to send a mail to lag.internationals@die-linke-berlin.de , saying whether you’ll be in Hermsdorf on 28 August.


Phil and Judith