Organising meetinf on Thursday (and some other dates for your calendar)

Hi everyone

Just to remind you that we have an organising meeting next Thursday, 23rd June, at 7pm in Linkstreff, Malplaquetstraße 12 (U-Bahn Leopoldplatz, There are 3 main points on the agenda, and we promise to be finished by 9pm.

  1. Meetings that we already know about.

What’s coming up in June and July and what do we need to do?

  1. Our work after July

What are our plans for the second half of the year? What campaigns are going on? What meetings do we want to organise?

  1. Leaflets

Do we want to produce a leaflet for the coming local elections informing non-Germans in Berlin about their voting rights? If so, who needs to do what? What’s the state of our general leaflet?

We’ll send more information, together with a full list of the coming events that we know about tomorrow. Until then, here are the next few meetings that we’re directly involved in.

On Tuesday 28th June, Toufic Haddad from Jerusalem and Peleg Bar Sapir from the Israeli-Palestinian organisation Hadash will be speaking about The Left in Palestine and Israel. 7pm, Karl Liebknecht Haus, Rosa Luxemburg Saal.

On the Sunday before, 26th June,  a barbecue has been  organised for Toufic on Tempelhofer Feld. This will start at 4pm, and later we can go together to watch the Spanish election results with our friends from Podemos and Isquierda Unida (venue will be announced soon).

On Monday, 11th July we have just heard that veteran Northern Irish activist Eamonn McCann ( will be in Berlin.  After 50 years of activism, Eamonn has just been voted as a representative in the Northern Ireland Assembly for the left-wing alliance People Before Profit. He will be speaking on the Irish Left, North and South, and the relationship between socialists and parliament. More information follows soon.

And on Tuesday, 26th July Victor Grossman will be speaking on the US Elections after the Democratic Convention. If, as seems likely, Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, what should socialists do? The meeting is at 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus.

Thanks for your attention. As said, a full list of meetings and events will follow shortly

Phil and Judith

DIE LINKE Berlin LAG Internationals


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