Remembering Jo Cox MP – Stop racism and fascism

13419172_10154134404598654_3322056316438341367_nDIE LINKE Berlin LAG Internationals is shocked and horrified at the murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox.

Carol McGuigan, a member of both the LAG and the Labour Party said “I am so saddened by this terrible murder. I feel it has a direct relationship to the increasing right-wing, anti-immigrant, nationalistic rhetoric that is being so irresponsibly stirred up by some right-wing (thankfully few, but significant) people associated with the Brexit campaign, but most directly, of course, from organisations like Britain First, whose London mayoral candidate publically turned his back on Sadiq Khan’s acceptance speech recently.

The people who spout this rhetoric should see how devastatingly this can play out, how it literally de-stabilises vulnerable people and gives any hate-filled impulses a horrible legitimacy in their minds. Nationalistic fervour and propaganda of this kind is a poison. I entirely agree that we should unite and in Jo’s name keep campaigning for a juster, fairer and kinder world, building links and bridges, not walls and borders.”

Phil Butland, spokesperson for the AG added “we have had a robust discussion about the EU referendum in our group, and have a variety of opinions on the vote. We are, however, united in our opposition to all forms of racism and are appalled by the way in which racist ideas have dominated the media discussion.

Jo Cox was a committed anti-racist, and it seems highly likely that the killing was politically motivated. If her killer were a Muslim or a non-Briton he would have been immediately labelled a terrorist. Yet although Nazi regalia was found at the killer’s home, the press prefer to depict him as a troubled individual. This just adds poison to the racist atmosphere which led to Jo’s death.”

Our thoughts are with Jo’s friends and loved ones. For those who would like to leave a message of sympathy or solidarity, Jeremy Corbyn suggests visiting this online book of condolences.


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