Brexit meeting now in Haus der Demokratie – Flyers available

McCann Flyer 2seitig-page-001Because of the enormous interest in the Brexit debate, our meeting with Eamonn McCann (member of the Northern Irish assembly) on Brexit and Ireland ( has been moved to a bigger room. It will now be in the Haus der Demokratie (Greifswalderstraße 4, Straßenbahn Am Friedrichshain) Robert-Havemann-Saal.

Leaflets are now available – either contact us or print your own from the PDFs here.

PDF – English version

PDF – German version

PDF – 2-language version


A whole load of coming meetings and demos

July Flyer-page-001A couple of days later than planned, here’s a list of interesting meetings which are coming up in Berlin. We’re late because some of the meetings have only just been announced, so check through the list for what looks interesting. If you know of any other meetings, let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

Don’t forget the dudle for our planned day meeting in Brandenburg. This will be a less formal meeting to plan our future activities. Please try and say when you’ll be free by 27 June – and it helps the planning if you enter your name (or at least something with which we can identify you)

Thursday, June 23, 7pm: AG Organising meeting. Linkstreff, Malplaquetstraße 12

Friday/Saturday, June 24-25: Fest der Linken, Rosa Luxemburg Platz

Sunday, June 26 from 4pm: Barbecue with Toufic Haddad, Tempelhofer Feld (near Oderstraße entrance)

Sunday, June 26 from 8pm, watching the Spanish election results with Unidas Podemos, Terzo Mondo, Grolmanstraße 28

Tuesday, June 28, 7pm: LAG Meeting – The Left in Palestine and Israel with Toufic Haddad and Peleg Bar Sapir. Karl Liebknecht Haus, Rosa Luxemburg Saal

Wednesday, June 29, 6pm: Palestine Ltd: Neoliberal peacebuildung ans statebuilding in the occupied Palestinian territory with Toufic Haddad, Jacob-and-William-Grimm-Zentrum, Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 1-3

Wednesday, June 29, : rls meeting on the Spanish elections with Raul Zelik ..

Monday 4 July 6pm – 10pm: Frieden statt NATO – anti-war conference of Die LINKE, ND building, Franz-Mehring Platz

Saturday-Sunday 9-10 July – conference My Body My Responsibility My Choice (including Saturday evening international podium on abortion rights) Schlossstraße 19

Sunday 10 July – regional conference against the AfD ver.di Haus Paul-Thiede Ufer

Monday 11 July 7pm: extra LAG meeting. The Left in Ireland. Socialists and parliament with Eamonn McCann. Die LINKE office in Neukölln, Wipperstraße 6 (U-/S-Bahn Neukölln)

Tuesday 26 July 7pm. LAG meeting. The US elections after the Democratic Convention with Victor Grossman. Karl Liebkencht Haus room 205

Saturday 11 August (planned) International festival in Wedding

Saturday 3 September National demo and concert against the AfD

Saturday 17 September Demo for abortion rights

Saturday 17 September – Demo against TTIP

Sunday 18 September – Berlin election. You are (probably) entitled to vote

Friday 23 September – Die LINKE Europe conference Energieforum Berlin


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Organising meetinf on Thursday (and some other dates for your calendar)

Hi everyone

Just to remind you that we have an organising meeting next Thursday, 23rd June, at 7pm in Linkstreff, Malplaquetstraße 12 (U-Bahn Leopoldplatz, There are 3 main points on the agenda, and we promise to be finished by 9pm.

  1. Meetings that we already know about.

What’s coming up in June and July and what do we need to do?

  1. Our work after July

What are our plans for the second half of the year? What campaigns are going on? What meetings do we want to organise?

  1. Leaflets

Do we want to produce a leaflet for the coming local elections informing non-Germans in Berlin about their voting rights? If so, who needs to do what? What’s the state of our general leaflet?

We’ll send more information, together with a full list of the coming events that we know about tomorrow. Until then, here are the next few meetings that we’re directly involved in.

On Tuesday 28th June, Toufic Haddad from Jerusalem and Peleg Bar Sapir from the Israeli-Palestinian organisation Hadash will be speaking about The Left in Palestine and Israel. 7pm, Karl Liebknecht Haus, Rosa Luxemburg Saal.

On the Sunday before, 26th June,  a barbecue has been  organised for Toufic on Tempelhofer Feld. This will start at 4pm, and later we can go together to watch the Spanish election results with our friends from Podemos and Isquierda Unida (venue will be announced soon).

On Monday, 11th July we have just heard that veteran Northern Irish activist Eamonn McCann ( will be in Berlin.  After 50 years of activism, Eamonn has just been voted as a representative in the Northern Ireland Assembly for the left-wing alliance People Before Profit. He will be speaking on the Irish Left, North and South, and the relationship between socialists and parliament. More information follows soon.

And on Tuesday, 26th July Victor Grossman will be speaking on the US Elections after the Democratic Convention. If, as seems likely, Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, what should socialists do? The meeting is at 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus.

Thanks for your attention. As said, a full list of meetings and events will follow shortly

Phil and Judith

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Remembering Jo Cox MP – Stop racism and fascism

13419172_10154134404598654_3322056316438341367_nDIE LINKE Berlin LAG Internationals is shocked and horrified at the murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox.

Carol McGuigan, a member of both the LAG and the Labour Party said “I am so saddened by this terrible murder. I feel it has a direct relationship to the increasing right-wing, anti-immigrant, nationalistic rhetoric that is being so irresponsibly stirred up by some right-wing (thankfully few, but significant) people associated with the Brexit campaign, but most directly, of course, from organisations like Britain First, whose London mayoral candidate publically turned his back on Sadiq Khan’s acceptance speech recently.

The people who spout this rhetoric should see how devastatingly this can play out, how it literally de-stabilises vulnerable people and gives any hate-filled impulses a horrible legitimacy in their minds. Nationalistic fervour and propaganda of this kind is a poison. I entirely agree that we should unite and in Jo’s name keep campaigning for a juster, fairer and kinder world, building links and bridges, not walls and borders.”

Phil Butland, spokesperson for the AG added “we have had a robust discussion about the EU referendum in our group, and have a variety of opinions on the vote. We are, however, united in our opposition to all forms of racism and are appalled by the way in which racist ideas have dominated the media discussion.

Jo Cox was a committed anti-racist, and it seems highly likely that the killing was politically motivated. If her killer were a Muslim or a non-Briton he would have been immediately labelled a terrorist. Yet although Nazi regalia was found at the killer’s home, the press prefer to depict him as a troubled individual. This just adds poison to the racist atmosphere which led to Jo’s death.”

Our thoughts are with Jo’s friends and loved ones. For those who would like to leave a message of sympathy or solidarity, Jeremy Corbyn suggests visiting this online book of condolences.

Voting rights in the Berlin local elections

Hi everyone

xdts_image_linke-620x330.jpg.pagespeed.ic.cK5maDZLb6 Here’s some important news about non-Germans and the coming local elections in Berlin. Can you please pass it on to all relevant people / mailing lists. If you are able to translate to other languages, please send the translations to  and

In the Berlin elections, EU citizens are allowed to vote. Unlike the European elections, its enough if you are registered as living here. If this is the case, your name has been entered into the electoral register and you will receive voting papers for the local election. But you do need to be registered as living in Berlin by 18 June.

bei den Berliner Wahlen dürfen die EU-BürgerInnen die BVVen mitwählen. Im Gegensatz zu den EP-Wahlen reicht es, wenn sie hier mit Erstwohnsitz gemeldet sind. Dann sind sie im Wählerregister eingetragen und bekommen eine Wahlaufforderung zur BVV-Wahl. Wer wählen möchte, muss sich allerdings bis zum 18.6. in Berlin angemeldet haben.

Thanks in advance for the help