This Thursday: Fabio DeMasi MEP on the EU in crisis

2014-05-15-1-0790Quick reminder: on Thursday we have our monthly meeting, and Fabio DeMasi MEP will be speaking on the EU in crisis. With the coming vote in Britain, the Panama Papers and the EU recently paying the Turkish government to stop refugees entering Europe, there’s plenty to talk about.

The meeting is at 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus on Rosa Luxemburg Platz. You can read more about it here: The discussion will be in English, but translated into other languages if required.

To stay informed:

DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals


Meetings on Wednesday and Friday last week

L01Here’s a reminder that on Wednesday we are organising a workshop on A Brief history of DIE LINKE – the German Left from 1989 to the present day.
The workshop will still be at 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus, but because of the amount of interest shown, it will be in the Rosa Luxemburg Saal, not Room 205 as originally advertised. So, there’ll still be space if you want to bring some friends.
The meeting will be in English with translation into German or other languages if required.
13076759_863086517171332_8115505006339598829_n2 days later, on Friday 13th May, Daphne von Breugel from ROOD, the youth wing of the Dutch Socialist Party will be answering questions on building an international movement against war on Syria, 6.30pm in the Coop Café (Rochstraße 3)

DIE LINKE LAG Internationals in May

Hi folks

13151604_10156837790360641_7183040229869334396_nThanks to everyone who helped on the MyFest stall yesterday, and welcome to everyone new on the mailing list / facebook page / Internet site, depending on where you’re reading this info. Here’s a summary of where you can find us in the next few weeks, and some activities and events that you might like to attend.

At the week-end, from 5th – 8th May, some of us will be at the Marxismuss conference ( For the non-German speakers, there’s a list of meetings that will be in English here. We said yesterday that it would be good to organise somewhere to meet up for people, so here’s a suggestion. On Friday and Saturday in the lunch and evening breaks (1.30 – 3pm and 6.30 – 7.30) there’l l be an English language bookstall where we can meet. And in the evenings we’ll meet in the courtyard (inside if it rains). If someone can bring along a flag or banner where people can find us, even better.

On Saturday, 7 May several thousand Nazis have threatened to march through Berlin. Berlin Nazifrei has called a counter-demo for 1pm at Hackescher Markt. As usual with these things, the information may change at short notice, so check the Berlin Nazifrei Website (which usually also has information in English and other languages):

On Wednesday, 11 May we are offering a workshop: A brief history of DIE LINKE: the German Left from 1989 till the present day. This is an informal thing that we’ve been meaning to do for ages, so do turn up with any questions you might have. The Workshop is at 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus Room 205, and we’re likely to go along to the Co-op Café on Rochstraße afterwards.

On Thursday, 12 May, Wahlrecht für Alle (Voting rights for all) is having a meeting on their activities during the Berlin elections. WfA is a non-party organisation with whom we occasionally work, so we don’t need to go to the meeting mob-handed, but if anyone’s interested in going and representing our group, please get in touch. The meeting will be at 4pm in the WfA office in Moabit (more information on request).

On Thursday, 12 May the alliance Aufstehen gegen Rassimus (Stand up Against Racism) is organising a meeting about the AfD in Berlin, and what we can do about them. The meeting will be in German, but recent discussions in our group have shown that people are interested in the subject. It’s at 7pm in the ver.di offices Paula- Thiede- Ufer 10, near Ostbahnhof

On Friday 13 May, we are organising a drink and a chat with Daphne von Breughel from ROOD, the Socialist Party youth in Holland, who wants to talk to us about building an international movement against the war on Syria. Coop Café (Rochstraße 3) from 6.30pm

On Wednesday, 18 May at 7pm we’re having a workshop for anyone interested in working on our Website. In this workshop we’ll show what the Website looks like now and give a crash course in the most common WordPress features that you’d need to use. We are planning a second workshop to discuss how we develop the Website further. Ferran is in the process of booking a room for this Workshop. We’ll let you know where in good time.

On Saturday, 21 May at 8pm Nina Hagen will be singing the songs of Bertolt Brecht in the Berliner Ensemble. We are going with a small group of 70 people. A couple of people just pulled out and their tickets are being made available to people on the waiting list. Tickets cost €5 or €6. If you would like to come, please contact us ASAP. On the evening, we will be meeting in the Kantine of the Berliner Ensemble from 7pm.

On Thursday, 26 May at 7pm, Fabio DeMasi will be speaking on Plan B: the EU in Crisis. Although our main meetings are normally on a Tuesday, this time round we’re meeting on Thursday, as Fabio works in Brussels during the week. The meeting is in Room 205 of Karl Liebknecht Haus.

NOTE: our meeting on 28 June on the Left in Palestine and Israel with Toufiq Hammad is attracting a lot of attention (if you believe facebook – which you shouldn’t necessarily do – 57 people are coming and a further 285 are interested in coming. We’ll be monitoring this, and if necessary booking a bigger room. To help us, it would be useful to know how many people really are coming, and how many have just signed up out of solidarity.

That’s all for now. Just a reminder that you can:

Hope to see you soon