Resistance against TTIP & CETA continues

The demo in Hannover against TTIP was a magnificent demonstration of the continuing and growing refusal by a wide range of the German and European people of secretive trade agreements that erode democracy further, benefit only the rich and lock more people into poverty and precarity.

About 90,000 people from all over Germany turned up, from political parties like die Linke, trades unions, activist groups like Attac, More Democracy and Greenpeace etc.

Some of the Berlin Internationals Group were at the Demo and here’s a few pictures:


Obscuring the Bö(r)se.


Kudos to whoever designed this die Linke poster.  A rough literal English translation would read: “Solidarity, not TTIP or CETA is the tenderness of the peoples!”.


The mood on the demo was good and determined.


I’ve no idea who this gentleman is but no treaty is cast in stone.  They can all be abrogated or renegotiated.  And the power of international finance like Deutsche Bank (in the background) is not unbreakable.



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