Stammtisch about Brexit on Monday, and a couple of actions before that

    Hi everyone
    The British Tory government is falling apart, with ministers resigning and turning their fire on each other. The background to this dispute is the steady rise of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party and the coming vote on Britain leaving the EU, which is splitting the Tories down the middle.
   On Easter Monday, we have the chance to have a drink and a chat with Joseph Choonara, British socialist and author of the pamphlet “The EU: a left case for exit”. This Stammtisch starts at 7pm in the cellar of the Co-op anti-war cafe (Rochstraße 3, 5 minutes walk from Alexanderplatz), Everyone is welcome.
    There are also 2 actions over Easter week-end that we’d like to let you know about:
  • On Saturday, there is the Ostermarsch, the traditional demonstration of the German anti-war movement. It starts at Hermannplatz at 12 noon
  • On Sunday, our friends and comrades in the Turkish HDP have called a counter-demonstration against the fascist Grauen Wölfe.Kotbusser Tor at the memorial to Celalettin Kesim on the corner of Kotbusserstraße and Reichenbergerstraße. The mobilisation starts at 3.30pm(NOT 3pm as in the original call) 
    Hope to see you at one or more of these events

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