Coming Events (from 16 March)

    Hi folks

Here’s a reminder of some of the things which are coming up.

First of all we have an organising meeting tomorrow. This is where we organise the day-to-day activities of our group. The meeting is from 7pm till 9pm and is in the Roter Salon, Weidenweg 17 (near Weberweise U-Bahn). You can see our proposed agenda here:

On Friday and Saturday Die LINKE will be holding an anti-war conference in the Neues Deutschland building, Franz-Mehring Platz 1 (near Ostbahnhof). The programme is here (and shows which meeting will also be available in English:

Then on Sunday, refugees in Berlin are organising a carnival against racism ( We will be giving out leaflets. Meeting point is at our new banner (“Refugees are Welcome here” in 5 languages). The carnival starts at 12 o’clock at the Platz der Luftbrücke and there will be a demo setting off at 2pm.

Last meeting for the long week-end, we will be having our normal meeting on Tuesday, 22 March, 7pm in Karl-Liebknecht Haus KIZ opposite the reception. Thorsten Buhl from the Friedrichshain Hilft welcome initiative for refugees and Margarete Heitmüller from the 100% Tempelhofer Feld campaign will be speaking on the subject “Migrants, Refugees, Berliners: Affordable housing for all!

The week-end after next is Easter, so it’ll be less hectic than the last few weeks, but on Easter Monday, 28 March we will be holding a Stammtisch (peculiar German event half way between a public meeting and a drinking session) with Joseph Choonara, author of a recent pamphlet on Brexit. We’re starting at 7pm at the Co-op Café. More information here:

A final word. We are always more than happy to publish Victor Grossman’s Berlin  Bulletins, explaining German politics to an international audience. Victor’s latest bulletin about the recent German election victories of the AfD is now online here:


DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals



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