Organising meeting this Thursday

Here’s a reminder that our next monthly organising meeting is next Thursday, February 18th from 7pm till 9pm in the offices of DIE LINKE Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (Behaimstraße 17, U-Bahn Richard Wagner Platz). 

It is open to anyone who wants to help plan the activities of our group or is just interested in what we do. Our planned agenda for the meeting is below.

If you’re more interested in political discussion: our next proper meeting is on Tuesday, February 23rd at 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus on Rosa Luxemburg Platz, where we’ll be discussing Women’s Rights and Racism after Cologne.

Here’s our suggestion for Tuesday’s agenda:


  1. Election Programme 

In Autumn, there will be local elections in Berlin and DIE LINKE will be voting on an election programme in March. Some of us were at a conference about the programme, and Ilona is on the programme commission. What is in the programme, and do we want to suggest any changes? 

  1. International Women’s Day

Its International Women’s Day on 8 March, and a host of activities are planned on the week-end before (see for details). What’s going to happen and how should we mobilise / build a block at the demo on the Sunday? 

  1. DiEM25 / Blockupy / Plan B

Since our last meeting, we’ve had the Blockupy conference and the launch of Yannis Varoufakis’s Democracy in Europe 25 meeting (, both in Berlin. In June, the international Plan B initiative will have a conference in Germany (and shortly before at the end of May, Fabio de Masi will be talking about Plan B at our meeting). Several group members were at these meetings, and others weren’t but probably want to talk about how the various campaigns are connected and what we should be doing. 

  1. Soapbox Pictures

Our side-project Soapbox Pictures, showing critical and alternative films followed by a discussion is just about ready to go live. We have a film planned for 11th March, and have a meeting next week with the rosa luxemburg stiftung to talk about regular cooperation, including jointly hosting the film Miners Shot Down to accompany a tour of South African activists in April. 

  1. Our Website

Stephen and Justin have been talking about how we can improve our Website and will be organising a meeting for anyone else is interested in getting involved.

  1. New banner, new leaflet

Judith and Kathleen have been working on the text for a new leaflet, and will present what they have so far. We also want to decide on the slogan for a new banner, which (if we choose an anti-racist slogan) we will hopefully have in time for the anti-racist carnival on March 20th ( You have until next Wednesday to suggest a slogan (use the comments field at

  1. Future organising meetings

In the future, our monthly organising meetings will be in local offices of DIE LINKE and similar rooms. We have contacted several districts who can host us, we just need to make a quick decision whether we want to meet in the same place every time and which places are easiest/hardest to reach for group members.

  1. Other LAG meetings / activities:
  • We’d also like to organise an informal meeting about the history of DIE LINKE, and show the short film about Karl Liebknecht Haus. Since making this decision, we heard that DIE LINKE Kreuzberg is planning exactly the same thing for their new Turkish members. This meeting will be in German and will take place on 20th The organizers have said that they can then organize something similar for us. What they need is a date and one of us to translate their slides into English.
  • With all the discussion about Bernie Sanders, do we want to organize some sort of meeting about the US president elections, maybe with Victor?
  • We may still have the possibility of organising a meeting with speakers from Spain. If so, who do we want to invite and in what sort of time frame?

If there’s anything else that you’d like to discuss, please let us know. 2 quick notices before we go:

  • Phil is having a birthday party tomorrow night (Saturday 13th) from 8pm in the Co-op Café (Rochstraße 3 near Alexanderplatz). If you want to come along, please do.

Rassemblement contre l’Etat d’urgence et le changement constitutionnel

Nous demandons la levée immédiate de l’Etat d’urgence et l’abandon de la constitutionnalisation de celui-ci et de la déchéance de nationalité.

We demand immediate action to stop France’s ongoing state of emergency and the government plans to revoke the French citizenship of dual nationals.

Sofortige Aufhebung des Ausnahmezustandes und des permanenten Notstandes. Verzicht auf die Verankerung in der Verfassung des Ausnahmezustandes und des Entzuges der Staatsbürgerschaft



15H00 – BERLIN







Hope to see you soon 


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