New Banner

Hi folks

Our banner (pictured below) has seen lots of demos  in the past year, and probably will see a lot more. However there are some demos which are not about austerity (although of course all of them are ultimately about austerity). For this reason, we’re going to get a new banner and are looking for a new slogan.

So far, the idea is to have an anti-racist slogan (for example “Refugees Welcome” in different languages), but we want to spend some time collecting ideas for a new slogan.

You have till our next organising meeting on Thursday, 18 February to send your suggestions to lag.internationals[at] After that we’ll decide on a new slogan and you should see our banner at the next big demo.



9 thoughts on “New Banner

    • What about “Solidarity over borders” ? (using double meaning of ‘over’ – ie solidarity extending across borders as well as solidarity should transcend borders)


  1. Not sure if the first message I typed got through as it didn’t appear. What about “Solidarity over borders” ?


  2. Some ideas (also applicable in different languages):

    End Fortress Europe

    No Border No Nation

    Hast thou pillaged and also deported?


  3. […] Judith and Kathleen have been working on the text for a new leaflet, and will present what they have so far. We also want to decide on the slogan for a new banner, which (if we choose an anti-racist slogan) we will hopefully have in time for the anti-racist carnival on March 20th ( You have until next Wednesday to suggest a slogan (use the comments field at […]


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