What’s on in December

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message from die LINKE LAG Internationals 3 November 2015

Hi folks


Here’s the latest news from die LINKE Berlin LAG Internationals.


  1. Meeting on Monday: Refugees Welcome? Arguments for the right to stay

Our next meeting in next Monday, 9th November at 7pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus KIZ. Martina Schröder, who’s been working flat out with refugees in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf will be leading the discussion, possibly together with a refugee.


  1. Stop the AfD – demo on Saturday

Alternative für Deutschland – the right wing group with links to organised Nazis – will be demonstrating in Berlin on Saturday and have threatened to bring 10,000 people. Of course our group will be joining the counter-demo. NOTE: the time and place for our demo has changed. Its now 11 o’clock at Kochstraße U-Bahn


  1. Miners Shot Down – film and discussion on Sunday 15 November

On Sunday, 15 November we will be showing Miners Shot Down, the prize-winning film about the Marikana massacre, where black South African police under orders from a former leading ANC fighter against apartheid killed miners who were demonstrating for basic rights.

The film is worth seeing any time, and it will be followed by a discussion with James Nicholl, the lawyer representing the dead miners. 4pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus Luxemburg Saal. Entry is free, but we will be collecting money for the miners’ justice campaign. The film will be in English with German subtitles


  1. Mietrebellen – film and discussion about rent rights

We’re not having a normal meeting in December. Instead, we’ll be watching the English version of Mietrebellen, a new film about rent rights. The director Matthias Coers will be present and will be discussing the film and its implications afterwards. Its on Sunday, 13 December, probably at 3pm in Karl Liebknecht Haus Luxemburg Saal (we’ll know for sure in the next day or so)

We have flyers and posters for Miners Shot Down and are also producing some for Mietrebellen. If you can help distribute them please get in touch.


  1. Public meeting with Saeed Amireh from Ni’lin, West Bank

For anyone wanting to know what is happening in Israel/Palestine at the moment, the coming meeting with Saeed Amireh from Ni’lin will answer lots of questions. Saeed is 24 years old and a leading figure in the non-violent popular committees in the West Bank. This year he has been nominated for the Bremer peace prize. He’ll be speaking in English with translation into German.

The meeting is supported by our group, as well as Amnesty International, ATTAC, the Jewish Voice for Peace, the Palestinian student association, the youth theatre Moabit and a broad range of other organisations. It is part of the festival for the opening of Theater X, Wiclefstraße 32 in Moabit (S-Bahn Beusselstraße). Tuesday 1 December, 7pm in Theater X (or possibly the church next door).


If you want to know more about any of these events, please come along or just get in touch.