Activities August-October

Hi folks

It might be Summer, but there’s still a lot going on. Here’s a summary of the meetings of our group and of the alliances where we’re active.

Friday, 7. August 5pm, Oppelner Strasse 26 (U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor)

Non-Germans and the Referendum for Fair Rents

First open meeting to set up a group of non-Germans who want more information about the referendum for fair rents (Mietenvolksentscheid) and want to get involved in the campaign. The group is supported by the Mietenvolksentscheid campaign and by Wahlrecht für Alle.

A formal invitation is coming very soon, which we’ll pass on.

Friday, 7. August from 8pm. Café Commune Reichenberger Straße 157 (U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor)

A night out with Guppi Bola

Guppi is Lead Organiser for the European arm of the New Economic Organisers Network (NEON). Her work takes her across Europe to meet activists, organisers and campaigners who are building movements for systemic economic change. She’s interested in growing power through community: and how it can be used strategically to liberate us from neo-liberalism. She has written for the Guardian, New Statesman and Open Democracy, and remains vocal @guppikb. She’s also a bread baker, African dancer and has a keen interest in tiles.

Guppi is in Berlin in early August and is interested in meeting activists here. Which is why we’ve organised this drink with her. Everyone’s invited.

Monday, 10 August, 7pm. Karl Liebknecht Haus KIZ Kleine Aleanderstraße 28 (U-Bahn Rosa Luxemburg Platz)

Meeting of DIE LINKE Internationals group

Because its Summer, there’s no speaker this month, but we’re getting together anyway to talk about the current situation in Greece, and to decide what to do with the budget that we’ve just been awarded. We are producing a new banner and need to decide what goes on it. We also need to prepare a Christmas party, a public meeting on the left in Spain, and the AG elections at our September meeting.

Monday, 10 August, 6pm. Family planning centre BALANCE, Mauritiuskirchstraße 3 (U-/S-Bahn Frankfurter Allee)

Meeting of the Alliance for Sexual Self-determination

Unfortunately clashes with our group meeting, but preparation for the demonstration against “pro-Life” bigots on 19 September is one of our key campaigns. This meeting will be in German.

Monday, 14 September, 7pm. Karl Liebknecht Haus KIZ Kleine Aleanderstraße 28 (U-Bahn Rosa Luxemburg Platz)

Meeting of DIE LINKE Internationals group with speakers on Defending and Extending International Abortion rights

Normal meeting of our group with Dervla O’Malley from the Berlin-Irish Pro Choice Solidarity group and Kate Cahoon from the Alliance for Sexual Self-Determination speaking on the international fight to defend and extend abortion rights internationally. We will also be organising our presence on the demonstration against “pro-Life” bigots on 19 September.

At this meeting we will also be voting 2 speakers for the group, 2 treasurers, and possibly an executive to run the group.

Saturday, 19th September. Brandenburger Tor

Rally and Demonstration: My Body, My Responsibility, My Decision

More information soon, from us and from

Saturday, 19th September, 7pm (C afe Commune)

Britain after the Labour Party elections – a night out with Pete Green (National Speaker, Left Unity)

The British Labour Party is voting its next leader and Jeremy Corbyn – a proper socialist – is currently in the lead in the opinion polls. A victory for Corbyn would be a massive win for the Left in Britain and internationally.

Pete Green is one of the four national spokespeople of Left Unity, the left-wing party set up by Ken Loach and others. Pete will be in Berlin in September and on September 26th he’ll be having a drink with us and talking about the implication of the election results for the left in Britain and internationally.

Monday, 12 October, 7pm. Karl Liebknecht Haus KIZ Kleine Alexanderstraße 28 (U-Bahn Rosa Luxemburg Platz)

Meeting of DIE LINKE Internationals group

Speaker to be confirmed, but we’re planning a discussion on the results of the Portuguese election and the coming election in Spain.

Planned for some time in October

  • Public Meeting on the coming Spanish elections with speaker from Spain
  • Film Showing “Miners Shot Down” ( with the film director and Jim Nicholl, lawyer for the Marikana campaign

Watch this space.

More Information from DIE LINKE Berlin Internationals: