The left branching out at ‘DIE LINKE Woche der Zukunft’

Bringing international activists, and their knowledge to DIE LINKE, and offering international activist a place to be active within DIE LINKE. Those two ideas where central in the workshop at ‘DIE LINKE Woche der Zukunft’ or the left week of the future in Berlin. During the workshop around 30 activists from all over the world, living all over Germany and the Czech Republic met up and discussed how working groups of international activists could be set up in other German cities.

With active groups of international activists in Berlin, Bremen and Munich, and interested activists from places like Hamburg, Frankfurt and Rostock the possibilities for like minded groups seems to be falling on fertile grounds. This group has committed itself to helping local branches of DIE LINKE to set up international working groups. Interested groups can contact us for a 6 step programme on how to set up a working group.

Later during the weekend the group held a meeting that set priorities in Berlin for the coming months. The group has just asked for formal status of a LINKE AG (working group). All agreed that this requires more structure than we have had until now. A Web team will now manage the website, Facebook page and e-mails more efficiently.

We also want to conduct interviews with active and passive members of our group about their experience and motivation. If you are interested in helping the group with those tasks or you would like more information about the group, please don’t hesitate to send us an email:


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