The left branching out at ‘DIE LINKE Woche der Zukunft’

Bringing international activists, and their knowledge to DIE LINKE, and offering international activist a place to be active within DIE LINKE. Those two ideas where central in the workshop at ‘DIE LINKE Woche der Zukunft’ or the left week of the future in Berlin. During the workshop around 30 activists from all over the world, living all over Germany and the Czech Republic met up and discussed how working groups of international activists could be set up in other German cities.

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Meet us at DIE LINKE Woche der Zukunft

This week in the ND building (Franz-Mehring Platz 1, near Ostbahnhof):

We have speakers at the meeting at international networking (Saturday 14.30) and at the meeting on youth in SYRIZA and Podemos (Saturday 19.30). We also have a networking meeting on future work in Berlin on Sunday at 14.30 in Room 121.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ve updated a leaflet that we produced last year especially for the conference.

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Movie screening of ‘The People Speak’ hits the mark in Berlin

‘I fell in love with all the rebel girls, although only two of them remain alive today’ says Victor Grossman, commenting especially on the women depicted in ‘The People Speak’. The American writer and communist, who defected during the cold war and has been living and writing from Berlin since the fifties was asked to comment on the film afterwards in an audience discussion. With those words he captured the atmosphere of the audience both during the movie screening and the lively discussion afterwards. Although some of the main characters of the movie might have been dead for a long time, their message resonated strongly among the audience.Victor Grossman

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