A flight for Democracy

Dear friends and comrades,

As Greece is heading toward what is probably the most significant election process in its whole history and as the peoples of Europe are hoping for the beginning of the end of austerity, young Greek migrants are seeking your solidarity. Since-despite the relevant constitutional provision- it is not possible to vote at Greek embassies around the world, the only solution for young people abroad is to go to Greece in person. Since most of us are students or low-paid employees the only way to do so is if everyone is mobilized to assist financially our journey. This way we will all be able to vote for SYRIZA condemning austerity, authoritarianism and the neoliberal ‘orthodoxy’ in Greece, Europe, everywhere.

You can support our cause through our Crowd-funding page at:


You can like our FB page at:

With comradely greetings,

Supporters and members of SYRIZA abroad


One thought on “A flight for Democracy

  1. A good initiative.

    But perhaps also good would be somehow to communicate the Greek voters that many think the German government is bluffing with its threats drive Greece out of the Eurozone contrary to the majority of Greeks’ wishes. In fact there are no legal mechanisms for such an eventuality.

    Comments on Greek MSM sites?


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