Wahlen in Griechenland: Wahlparty und danach?

Hier der Programmentwurf für das Wahlparty heute Abend im Karl-Liebknecht Haus (Rosa Luxemburg Platz):

18:30 Einlass – Livestream alpha.tvLinke_Veranst_Manolis Glezos_Projektion_16zu9

18:45 Begrüßung

18:50 Grußwort Bernd Riexinger

19:00 Livestream der Nachrichten

19:30 Musik von Elina Skarpathioti

20:00 tagesschau

20:15 Livestream alpha.tv

20:30 Mehr Musik von Elina Skarpathioti

Ab 20:45 Ausklang mit livestream

22:30 Ende

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Veranstaltung: Nach der Wahl in Griechenland: kommt ein Richtungswechsel in Europa?


Andrej Hunko (MdB, die LINKE)flyLeft greece_Seite_1
Nicos Tzanakis (SYRIZA Berlin)
Lefteris Arabatzis (ANTARSYA Berlin)
Donnerstag, 5. Februar, 19 Uhr
Karl Liebknecht Haus, Rosa Luxemburg Saal
Kleine Alexanderstraße 28, Rosa-Luxemburg Platz



This Sunday: Election night in Berlin – Greek politics, Greek music, Greek food

We welcome everyone from 6.30pm to watch the election in Karl-LiebLinke_Veranst_Manolis Glezos_Projektion_16zu9knecht-Haus, Kleine Alexanderstraße 28, U-Bahnhof: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.
Comrades from SYRIZA Berlin will give us a short political assessment of the situation in Greece. Then there will be music by Elina Skarpathioti and we’ll follow election night with Greek Snacks.

Ab 18.30h laden wir herzlich ein: Karl-Liebknecht-Haus, Kleine Alexanderstraße 28, U-Bahnhof: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

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A flight for Democracy

Dear friends and comrades,

As Greece is heading toward what is probably the most significant election process in its whole history and as the peoples of Europe are hoping for the beginning of the end of austerity, young Greek migrants are seeking your solidarity. Since-despite the relevant constitutional provision- it is not possible to vote at Greek embassies around the world, the only solution for young people abroad is to go to Greece in person. Since most of us are students or low-paid employees the only way to do so is if everyone is mobilized to assist financially our journey. This way we will all be able to vote for SYRIZA condemning austerity, authoritarianism and the neoliberal ‘orthodoxy’ in Greece, Europe, everywhere.

You can support our cause through our Crowd-funding page at:


You can like our FB page at:

With comradely greetings,

Supporters and members of SYRIZA abroad