Meeting Report November

Below is a report of the  groups regular meeting of November, containing proposals for the upcoming months.

    Lots of information from Helga Reimund (ATTAC), too much to list everything here. We’ll collect the information and send it by mail / put it on the Website.
    We also decided to set up a new Website where we can add information more quickly (for example with an Events calendar). Is anyone interested on working on this?
    Post Script from Phil: I spoke last night to Pablo from Podemos, who is also thinking of setting up an online Events Calendar (he has also recently set up this facebook site: We should work together on this one, shouldn’t we?
     There are 2 conferences for women’s rights in Berlin this week-end
·         El-Fem conference (for women in the European Left), Karl-Liebknecht Haus, Friday till Sunday (
·         Frauen*kampftag conference to prepare International Women’s Day: Musikgymnasium C.Ph.E Bach Brunnenstraße 148, Saturday and Sunday:
We hope that as many people as possible can go to one or other conference. We particularly recommend the following:
·         Friday evening (7pm-10pm) in Karl-Liebknecht Haus: round table with young migrants (including some members of our group). Food and drink provided.
·         Saturday afternoon (from 3pm) in the Musikgynasium: project groups to discuss the focus of international women’s day
·         Saturday evening (from 8pm): participants from both conferences will be meeting in the Terzo Mondo, Grolmanstraße 28 (U-Bahn Uhlandstr, S-Bahn Savignyplatz)
We would like to especially raise 2 subjects at the meetings:
·         International fight for abortion rights (Ireland, Spain etc.) and the demonstration against right-wing bigots in September
·         Organising of migrant (and German) labour in hospitals, shops etc.
   The Blockupy conference will be in Frankfurt-Main from 20-23 November. Blockupy Berlin is organising transport which leaves Berlin on the Thursday at 10.45 or Friday at 14.45 and returns on Sunday. Tickets are available for €30 from Red Stuff (Waldemarstr. 110). Its also possible that there are places in a car organised by solid.
   The programme is here: On Friday at 2pm our group is organising a workshop on “Internal migration in Europe and organizing of migrants”. I spoke to Carlos today and he is trying to organise a speaker from GAS. We are organising the workshop jointly with an Italian group which is campaigning on the social wage, which has recently produced large strikes and demonstrations across Italy.
     We support the GDL strikes and are pleased that the Berlin party conference also voted overwhelmingly for support. We will gather information and send it to the list / put it on the new website. If the strikes continue, we will make a leaflet and give it out at the Hauptbahnhof during the next strike day.
    We have set up a project group to work on the GDL consisting of Ian, Niels, Billy, Phil and (someone who I’ve forgotten – please remind me). This group will write the leaflet (if necessary) and introduce a discussion in the business part of the next meeting.
  Because of the coming Volksbegehren on controlling rent rises, we had planned to invite a speaker from Wahlrecht für alle to speak at our December meeting about Volksbegehren and why migrants aren’t allowed to vote. The start of the campaign has been delayed, so we will have this discussion later.
    We plan to invite the following speakers to coming meetings:
·         December 8th: refugee from Oranienplatz
·         January 12th: we’ll ask someone attending the European Left rally to stay and speak. Possibly someone from the Front de Gauche on Eco-socialism
·         February 9th: Wahlrecht für alle
·         March 9th: we’ll ask someone from the International Women’s Day demo to stay and speak on reproductive rights in Europe. Hopefully someone from Poland.
     This was more an idea after the meeting. We want to organise a Christmas party. The suggested date is Sunday, 14th December from 4pm. Niels will ask die LINKE Neukölln if their rooms are free.
    We’ve set up a party committee (Niels, Judith, Phil, Ana). If you also want to help, please contact one of them.
   Sinead K, a member of our group is co-producer of a new documentary about the British miners’ strike, (Still) The Enemy Within ( She is currently raising money to produce German subtitles/synchronization.
    To help her raise money, we are planning a showing of the film followed by a Q&A with Sinead (and maybe also Ian, who was involved organising trade union solidarity during the strike) in Karl –Liebknecht Haus in January. More information after we have cleared any possible legal problems.
     Die LINKE in Berlin has just elected a new leadership. Congratulations to AG member Jochem, who kept his place in the leadership. We will invite the new leadership to our Christmas party and suggest a meeting with them in the new year.
·         On Thursday, Patras from the refugee camp will be speaking at the meeting of die LINKE Gesundbrunnen, 7pm Stralsunderstraße 6. Patras will speak in English with translation into German.
·         On Friday, die LINKE Berlin is organising a day school on access to the job market in Berlin. It will take place from 10 am till 3.30pm in the Abgeordnetenhaus (Room 113), Niederkirchnerstr. 5 near Potsdamer Platz)
·         On Saturday, as well as the two women’s conferences, there will be a demonstration against the Nazi Hooligans Against Salafism in Hanover. Buses go from Rosa Luxemburg Platz at 6am and return on the same evening. Bus tickets cost €10 or €15 and are available from Red Stuff and the Schwarze Risse bookshop in Mehringhof.
·         Also on Saturday (busy day) die LINKE parliamentary fraction is organising a day school on rent rises, Ex-Rotaprint Gottschedstr 4, from 11am to 5pm. At 6.30 in the same venue, they will be showing a film about the Spanish movement against rent rises.

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